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We all dread that moment – the instant you realized that your air conditioner is not working properly. Immediately after, you will be thinking or even discussing whether or not to call an commercial AC repair Las Vegas or just check out the issue yourself. Give yourself a moment or two before you call an air conditioning technician and go for these potential solutions. They could save you not just time but also your funds.

1. Checking out the power supply should be the first step. All HVAC services get calls to homes that simply lost power. To avoid this embarrassing situation, check if your home has electricity first or you will end up paying the technician for nothing.

2. The airflow in the interior unit is important, but their air filters tend to get dirty. If these are not cleaned and maintained, they could restrict the flow of air and lead to an A/C unity disruption of malfunction.

3. Check out the thermostat display. If it is not lit up, you should change the batteries. If this does not help, see your circuit breaker.

4. In the circuit breaker, check out the ones which are supplying the HVAC companies Las Vegas. If it has been tripped you should reset it. Also, keep in mind that these also trip because of safety precautions. When a breaker trips again, call an electrician because of potential additional problems with the wiring. These might be related to the breaker, but also the installations that for some reason keep taking in more power than by design.

5. Examining the Indoor Unity Switch The power switch in the indoor A/C unit is located near the air handler. These should be checked after a unit stops working because they can shut off by accident.

6. Similar to the previous advice, you should check the switch in the outdoor unit. Both the indoor and outdoor unit switches should be plugged in and also flipped on. Be careful when doing this because the same switch is under 240 volts of electricity, making it potentially very dangerous.

7. A/C Drain Line Condensation Pump A big number of A/C units include a switch for water safety. It is used to stop water from getting out of the AC repair Las Vegas and leaking into homes. The water pan located under the unit should be checked. It can show you if the unit is somehow blocked or clogged. If some water is there, the pan should be emptied and the drain line flushed. Once finished, see if the unit became operational.

8. What is the Role of the Safety Switches located under the Unit? This problem occurs when people move into a home and someone by accident bumps into the unit or its pan. The safety switch could end up being an issue and it should never be bypassed. Otherwise, you are risking getting your home wet.

In the case, you tried out all of the mentioned things and none of them resolve your problem, contact an Bulldog Air Conditioning and Heating and get excellent service for air conditioning service Las Vegas.