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AC Installation In Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas, NV and the Surrounding Areas Conventional Systems – AC Installation Las Vegas

Installing a conventional forced air type of air conditioning system is typically done by professional installers that have been trained and are certified as HVAC technicians. There is always the option to do your own AC repair Las Vegas, or at least do some of the advanced preparation to help keep costs down and make the installation smooth. Also if you know a bit about air conditioning installation it will better help you understand any questions or comments your contractor may make, as well as any changes to the plans or blueprint he or she may be requesting.

There are several different “do it yourself” AC installation Las Vegas programs offered through the internet, some which are very valuable and others that offer just the very basic steps for installation. It is important to keep in mind than incorrectly doing your air conditioning installation can end up costing you more money in the long run, so be sure to clarify any questions and completely understand the process before you start.

The first step in completing your air conditioning service Las Vegas process is to completely read through the manufacturers manual. You will need to be trained and certified in handling the refrigerant or coolant or you will need to contract with someone to do this step. In addition if you are not an electrician it is always best to have a professional complete this step so you don’t end up wasting time and money later when the building is inspected. If you need to acquire any permits be sure to do so prior to starting the air conditioning installation.

Make sure that you have all the necessary supplies before starting the project. This includes tools, the air conditioning unit itself, ducts and hangers and other equipment or supplies needed as per the manufacturers instructions and your own particular building. The next step is to locate the outdoor part of the unit on level ground, ideally in a shady spot, close to the home and at least three feet from an electric or gas meter as per building codes in your area. Have a concrete pad to position the unit on and fasten as required. A small hole is then drilled through the wall to allow electrical wires pipes from the internal to external units.

Place the internal unit in the plenum above the furnace as per the manufacturers instructions. Attached the suction line that will carry the moisture between the inside unit and the condenser on the outside. At this point the high voltage connects need to be made by a professional electrician. There are also low voltage wires that will need to be connected, these can be done by the electrician or by the homeowner as per the AC installation Las Vegas instructions provided.

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