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Adding Value and Comfort To Your Home With Air Conditioning Options

In most areas, but especially in the southern climates, air conditioning is a definite must. Not only is it essential for general comfort, but in the very southern states it is also a health benefit as temperatures reach into the hundred plus degrees during the long summer months. Air conditioning in these areas is a key factor in resale values of properties and many residences without central air conditioning will be devalued on the market, regardless of the size, condition or architecture of the house.

There are two basic types of air conditioning, central air, which means that the cold air is blown through the house from a central cooling unit, typically located outside of the house. There are options within central air conditioning systems including conventional systems, also known as forced air and high velocity air cooling systems. There is some difference in price between these two systems but both are designed to effectively maintain a reasonable temperature in the house.

These systems work on thermostats, just like the furnace does in the winter. Air conditioning systems of this type may be coupled with humidity control systems that work to adjust the amount of moisture in the air during the hot summer months. In dry climates additional humidity may be added to the cooled air and in humid climates dehumidifiers are used in conjunction with air conditioning systems to ensure a comfortable room temperature and humidity level. Although either forced air or high velocity air cooling systems are the most expensive to install and maintain, they also add the most value to your home or residence.

Another option for cooling your home is to use window units. These are small, semi-portable systems that are installed in the bottom section of a window and draw air through the system cooling the temperature and blowing it into the room. The condensation is drained outside from the back of the unit as is the heat vented out of the room. These small window type air conditioning units are effective for small rooms but typically are not powerful enough to maintain a consistent temperature in a larger room or throughout more than one room. For older homes or homes that currently don’t have the ductwork and space needed to install a conventional or whole house air conditioner, these window units may be all that is required. Since they are not a permanent fixture in the house they may or may not be included in the sale, however they also don’t add any value to the house.

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