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Air Conditioning Repair VS. Air Conditioning Replacement

Air Conditioning Repair VS. Air Conditioning Replacement

Replacement Or Repair–Which Is Better?

Why consider a replacement?Here are a couple of reasons why AC replacement is worth your consideration:

Saves you moreIf you have already used your system for over 10 years and the value of repair is something close to 50% of the price of a new system, then the best idea is to consider upgrading to a modern, efficient, and energy-saving model. According to the seasonal energy efficiency ratio, it is possible to save approximately 20%-40% on cooling and heating costs when you consider upgrading the system. When using a furnace, it is easier to figure out if to replace or repair your system. Do you know why? Well, regarding the AFUE ratings (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency), the AC utilized in the 1970s and the ones currently used are unmatched. The ones used in the 1970s possess an AFUE rating of about 65% while the modern ones provide nearly 97%. Undoubtedly, that gap in the modern type will help you save a lot of cash on energy bills.

Tax benefitsIn addition to saving energy, replacing your AC system will help you enjoy tax incentives and credits up to nearly 30% of the price of a new system. If you want to know the right choice when considering either replacement or repair, ensure that you check the ENERGY STAR label.

Enjoy warranty optionsNormally, if you purchase a new system, chances are that you’ll benefit from the warranty option. This implies that you’ll evade any repair cost needed in case the system breaks down before the warranty expires.

Environmental welfareThe EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and the U.S. government have authorized the ruling out of the old-fashioned system by 2020 in an attempt to keep the Ozone safe. Considering an upgrade to the new system will help to keep the environment safe and avoid the unnecessary cost of repair.

Ambient air qualityThe new AC systems are presumably recognized to work better in regulating both temperature and humidity. This helps to minimize the growth of mildew and mold while enhancing the overall air quality in the house.

Comfort and convenienceReplacing your system means that you’ll not wait for professionals to visit your home and offer AC service in Las Vegas. Besides, some parts of the systems may be hard to find, which may bring in some inconveniences.

Why consider repair?Here are some reasons why AC is worth your consideration.

  • Brand new system – If you recently bought a new system, the best thing is to consider repairing it.
  • The 50 percent rule – Basically, when the cost of repair is less than half the cost of a new system, the appropriate way is to consider repairing.
  • Moving – If your system is working but you consider moving to a different location in the near future, it is ideal to reach out to the local real estate agent to evaluate whether you require commercial AC repair in Las Vegas.
  • Maintenance – If your system is either old or new, some easy maintenance tips are a must-have to help make your system last longer and avoid unnecessary replacement costs. It is recommended to reach out to your technician and get some guidance on the same.

How to evaluate the right time for replacement vs. repair

  • Age – ENERGY STAR program and the EPA recommend replacing the systems and furnaces older than 10 and 15 years respectfully. Despite showing some long-lasting capabilities, they’re menace when it comes to energy efficiency, which means you’ll pay more on your electric bills.
  • Frequent breakdown – A system that doesn’t perform well during the cold or hot seasons or has frequently broken down for several years, the right option is to consider a replacement. If you opt to repair the system, you can significantly hurt your wallet than when investing in a new system.
  • Irregular temperatures – Irregular temperatures act as an indicator to replace the system.
  • Noise – When your system is struggling to heat or cool your house, it becomes noisy and sometimes turns off. To avoid this, it is critical to enact and keep an orderly maintenance schedule to protect its function. This encompasses annual professional maintenance services to avoid issues prior to occurring.

If you are perplexed to either opt to AC repair Las Vegas, the best thing to do is to reach out to professional technicians to guide you through and offer the right solution that best fits your needs.

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