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Air Conditioning: Ductless Systems For Houses In Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas, NV and the Surrounding Areas

One option for upgrading or adding AC to an already built or constructed home is to use a type of system called ductless air conditioning. Ductless systems are usually more commonly known as mini-split systems are often used in homes that don’t currently have a forced air heat system that can piggyback the air conditioning.

Ductless systems are so named because they don’t use the heating ducts that the traditional forced air furnace system provides. Since there are few homes now built that don’t have forced air heating, there is limited demand for this type of air conditioning. Ductless units are more commonly used in very old houses or in houses in warm climates that don’t have an existing furnace and ductwork system.

The air conditioning ductless system works similar to any other type of air conditioner with a unit on the inside that cools the air and a unit on the outside that vents the heat and moisture produced when the air cools. The two units are connected through the walls by tubes, one which carries the electricity to the outside unit and one that carries the water or condensate moisture away from the cooling unit to the outside.

Like a traditional forced air system the air conditioning ductless system works on a thermostat that is mounted in the room or area where the air conditioning unit is located. This system can be used to cool a large or small space, however they have no ability to transfer cool air to other parts of the house so they may not be practical in houses with many different rooms. Open area or open space houses can be effectively cooled by ductless systems provided the appropriately sized air conditioning unit is installed.

Purchasing a unit with a high velocity blower or fan can also help with overall uniform temperatures within a larger room or space. The mini-split or air conditioning ductless system does have several advantages over a window or wall mounted unit. They are a permanent fixture and are typically smaller in size than the wall mounts, plus they don’t need to be removed in the cold weather like the window mount units. The ductless system also doesn’t interfere with security like the window mount units do, which may be a big consideration for people in some areas. The ductless air conditioning system also functions more like a conventional air conditioner than a window or wall mount unit that is either on or off. The mini-split will respond to slight temperature changes and will cycle on and off to maintain the pre-set temperature rather than blasting cold or not running as a wall or window mount unit does.

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