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Allergy Alert

Are you experiencing Itchy eyes? Runny Nose? Coughing? We all know that this time of year is the worst time of year for allergy sufferers! With the increase in pollen in the air we all can feel a little run down and under the weather. What you might NOT know, is that some of this could be caused by the air inside your own home.

As our home pulls in fresh air from the outside it is also pulling in all the pollen, pollutants, and bacteria floating around in the air. When you take your dogs for that evening stroll, you and your pets are collecting the pollen on your clothes and their fur that later transfers to your bed or couch and then later circulates through your home.

Finally a breath of fresh air!

Derrick Poole owner of Bulldog Air Conditioning & Heating recently told us “I get calls all the time from people asking if there is anything else they can do to improve the air in their home besides changing the air filters”. Derrick said that there is a solution. In the past decade, several companies have come out with air purifiers that can be professionally installed on your AC unit that will help improve air quality. He said the most popular is the REME HALO in-duct air purifier and the Aprilaire Electronic Air purifier. For more information  contact Bulldog Air Conditioning & Heating at (702) 820-2973 or go to www.bulldogaclv.com

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