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How Air Conditioners Work

An air conditioner is a part of the heating and cooling system used to cool huge and small places from malls to living rooms. While installing the system space and the environment of an area has to be considered. That is why we have the air conditioners divided into five major categories; the packaged air conditioner, spilled air conditioner, windows air conditioner, and central air conditioning system. Here is a link to see the services we offer for those who need air conditioning repair in Las Vegas.

1) Parts Comprising An Air Conditioning System

In an air conditioner, refrigerants are converted from gas to liquid and back again in a continuous cycle. An air conditioner comprises three essential parts, the condenser, evaporator, and compressor. In an installed system, the condenser and compressor units are outside the house while the evaporator is in the house. The cooling process of the air in an occupied space begins at the compressor, where it draws cold air from the indoor and squeezes the air raising its temperature and pressure, and it exists as hot air with high pressure.

2) Heat Transfer

Heat transfers to the refrigerants then turn to liquid in the condenser, and the heated air comes from the compressor. The condenser is outdoors in the air conditioning system, and here the air from the atmosphere is blown by a fan over the loop, and heat is automatically extracted from the refrigerant and transferred to the atmosphere.

3) Evaporation Process

When the refrigerants cool off, they condense into warm vapor, which is passed under high pressure to an expansion gate to raise its force and then to the evaporator core in an occupied area. The condenser is a low-pressure area, so when the refrigerants transfer to the evaporator coil from the capacitor, they evaporate into the air.

4) Convectional Process

It is experienced in the occupied space where the dense cold air is blown in the occupied space and displaces the light warm air which transfers to the evaporating core, the refrigerants absorb the heat from the room, and the occupied space grows cool. The refrigerants are back to a cold low-pressure vapor and drawn back to the compressor to continue the cycle.

Categories Of Air Conditioners

Installing a heating and cooling system depends on the preference and size of the occupied space. Here are the different categories and where they can be fit for AC installation Las Vegas;

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